Terek Arce Publishes First Journal Manuscript

Terek Arce Published “The Corsi Block-Tapping Test: Evaluating methodological practices with an eye towards modern digital frameworks” which was featured in Computers in Human Behavior Reports


Spatial memory is the part of memory that allows us to remember where things are in the environment. It is critical to everyday function and interaction. A number of tests have been developed for measuring spatial memory. One of the most commonly used tests is the Corsi Block-Tapping Test (CBT). The CBT offers researchers a simple way to measure spatial spans. Unfortunately, the CBT has suffered from a lack of methodological consistency over the years. This article conducts a systematic review of CBT literature to evaluate modern methodological practices. Thirty-nine CBT studies, conducted over the last twenty years, are evaluated for how closely they adhere to a standard version of the test. Particular focus is placed on analyzing parameters within the CBT and advancing avenues of future work. The review is intended to highlight the need for a common digital framework that can be used in conducting CBTs and other spatial span tests.