Professional identity development in civil engineering students with disabilities

Professional identity development in civil engineering students with disabilities

Currently available statistics suggest that between 11 and 15% of U.S. college students identify as individuals with disabilities, yet little work addresses identity development within this population broadly, and even less explores their experiences within engineering. The proposed project addresses the call for studies on the “development of identity as an engineer and its intersection with other identities” by conducting a longitudinal study of students with disabilities in civil engineering. To meet this need, we will use constructivist grounded theory to study two cohorts over three years. The proposed project addresses a significant gap in the research on the professional formation of engineers by extending an emergent theoretical model of identity development in civil engineering to students with disabilities as they advance through their degree program and into the workforce. Our longitudinal approach advances our understanding of undergraduate development by capturing both how and why individuals with disabilities merge and negotiate personal and professional identities through these changes over time. The model developed in this study can then be used by researchers in other engineering fields and, potentially, beyond engineering to facilitate a more robust and nuanced understanding of how students with disabilities develop identities in college.


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