Hosting Gator Outreach Initiative

October 10, 2017

The Gator Outreach program has grown into a pre-college initiative helping to introduce K-12 students to engineering as a dynamic and beneficial career option.

Dr. Rowlinson hosted a group of high school sophomores in the Cellular Engineering Laboratory. She explained the importance of engineering measurement fundamentals, and used the example of the 1999 NASA Mars orbiter [failure due to lack of correctly converting units]. The students then performed a pipetting activity and discussed scales of volumes. Lastly, Dr. Rowlinson gave a tour of the lab facility and explained the operation of various biomedical instruments.  


The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering K12 initiative serves to support and promote the success of the Florida Engineering Experiment Station (FLEXStation) and to increase the diversity of tomorrow’s technology leaders by promoting the success of pre-collegiate institutions and their students across the state.