Ph.D. Students

Julian Long

Julian was born in Austin, Texas and moved to Saint Augustine, Florida when he was 2 years old. He is currently in his senior year at UF, majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. Julian is specializing in ceramic materials and hopes to go into graduate school after finishing his degree, with the aim of one day working in the space industry. Julian’s research will examine the material characteristics of laser-grade ceramics through the application of hardness tests. Outside of academics, Julian enjoys hiking, camping, canoe trips, playing Xbox and going to concerts.


Marco Gucciardi

Marco was born in Palermo, Italy. After receiving the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in 2016 from the University of Palermo, he attended the Master program up to graduation in 2018 during which he also joined Erasmus+ program for five months in Lublin, Poland. He is currently a PhD Student in Technological Innovation Engineering at the University of Palermo. Marco’s research concerns Incremental Forming processes for sheet metal part manufacturing, with a focus on multi-path approach and magnetic field applications. In the free time, Marco enjoys watching F1 races and soccer games, swimming and having fun with friends.


Master’s Students

Jason Ratay

Jason was born in Boca Raton, Florida and has lived there ever since. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Florida and is pursuing a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in solid mechanics, design and manufacturing. He is currently focused on the study of diamond abrasive in the magnetic field-assisted finishing of superalloys. Within his free time, he enjoys going to the gym, playing golf, and hanging out with his friends.


Vipra Bhand

Vipra was born in Nagpur, a city in Maharashtra, India, and moved to Mumbai at the age of 2. She attended the University of Mumbai for her Bachelors, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She moved to Gainesville, Florida in August 2019 for her master’s studies at the University of Florida. Vipra joined the Nontraditional manufacturing lab in mid-spring 2020 semester as a volunteer, and now she is doing her thesis focusing on the magnetic abrasive finishing of steel components. In her free time, she enjoys watching anime, playing pool, and drawing.


Dylan Pinard

Dylan was born and raised in Pompano Beach, Florida and has just graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering as well as Aerospace Engineering. He is currently working towards a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering. Dylan’s research focuses on single-point incremental forming of sheet metal with the use of magnetic fields. Dylan enjoys watching and playing sports in his personal time.


Roy Luis Araya

Roy was Born in San Jose, Costa Rica and has lived there ever since. He attended the Costa Rican Institute of Technology majoring in Mechatronics Engineering. He worked at Hologic Inc. as a Mechanical Designer and as a Machined Parts Engineer. He now works full time at Teradyne Inc. as a Mechanical Designer. He is currently working towards a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and will be working on the development of a medical device for Prostate Cancer Biopsy. Roy enjoys rock climbing and biking.


Undergraduate Students

Mikayla Lamb

Mikayla Lamb was born in Jacksonville, Florida, where she has lived her entire life. She is currently a senior at the University of Florida studying Mechanical Engineering. During the summer of 2019, she studied abroad in Germany at the Technical University of Berlin. She is currently focused on the effect of magnetic field-assisted finishing on the surface characteristics of 3D printed SLM parts. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, baking, and hanging out with her friends.


Zachary Tupper

Zachary Tupper was born in Babylon, New York and moved to Melbourne, Florida in 2016. He is currently a senior mechanical engineering major at the University of Florida. Zac is currently focused on magnetic field- assisted finishing of biopsy needles. After graduating, he plans to work in the private sector with a focus on factory automation. In his leisure time Zac enjoys reading, running, and spending time with friends.


Gilmer Rojas

My name is Gilmer Rojas and I was born in Lima, Peru. At the age of 6 my family and I moved to Miami where I went to school until I got accepted to UF. I am currently a 4th year mechanical engineering student and I am researching magnetic field-assisted finishing on roller bearings. My goals for the future include finishing my Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and pursuing a master’s degree. During my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and watching movies.


Kristina Merino

Kristina was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Jacksonville, Florida at the age of 6. She is currently a junior at UF majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. Kristina’s research is currently focused on polishing characteristics of silver halide crystals.  In her free time, she enjoys sewing, painting, and ice skating.


Marissa Scalise

Marissa is from Melbourne, FL and is currently a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in physics. This past summer, she interned with Northrop Grumman and she is currently working on the ceramics project with Julian and Kristina. In her free time she enjoys being outdoors, biking, and hanging out with friends.


Mark Wagner

Mark was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He is currently a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Computer and Information Science and Technology. Mark currently works as a teaching assistant for the Design and Manufacturing Lab, where he has worked since Fall 2019. His research is investigating magnetic-field assisted polishing of a workpiece with complex geometry. During his free time, he likes to cook, hang out with friends, and watch movies.


Visiting Researchers

Fang Xu
August 2020-Present

Fang was born in Dalian, China, a beautiful coastal city. He studied in Taiyuan University of Technology (China), majoring in Engineering Mechanics and had some experience on automobile and prosthesis design. After graduation, he attended University of Florida to study Mechanical Engineering, and he completed his Master’s Thesis Defense on March 10, 2020. His current focus of research is Magnetic field-assisted finishing of milk transportation tubing system. In his leisure time, he likes listening music, cooking, drawing and watching movies.

Graduate Alumni


Arthur Graziano, Junmo Kang, Valens Nteziyaremye, Raul Riveros, Daniel Ross, Pei-Ying Wu.


Richard Barrington, Derrick Benson, Taylor Boggs, Robin Carroll, Ho-An Chien, Sean Dobbs, Xueyu Du, Patrick Hendershot, Eva Hinkeldey, Hamit Kahraman, Mingshuo Li, Timothy Pham, Max Stein, Zuoben Tang, Erik Tastepe, Andy Therathankorn, Geovanna Ruiz, Yanming Wang, Fang Xu, Zongyi Yang, Tianyu Yin, Xingyu You, Yi Zhao.

Undergraduate Alumni

Bryce Alsten, Taylor Boggs, Alexandors Bouliakis, Whittaker Bullard, Brandon Crone, Alex Fairweather, Brian Flatley, Andrew Gabrang, Arnold J. Garcia, Andrew George, Deanna Gierzak, Patrick Hendershot, Scott Hinton, Peter Hoffman, Daniel Imaizumi, Jovany Jimenez, Micheal Kelley, Blake Krueger, Andrew Li, Julian Long, Paul Loschak, Sterling Miller, Matthew Mo, Matthew Moore, Eduardo Moreno, Nicholas Natale, Kruz Oliver, Mitchell Parker, Adrian Piedra, Daniel Poljak, Hadyan Sani Ramadan, Jason Ratay, Marcus Spanolios, Max Stein, Kyle Talko, Micheal Tan, James Wilkes, Monica Wilson, Razvan Vesa, Anna Woods, Steven Zehnders.

Honors Thesis

Taylor Boggs, Arnold J. Garcia, Julian Long, Matthew Moore, Eduardo Moreno, Adrian Piedra, Daniel, Poljak, Hadyan Sani Ramadan, Jason Ratay, Sterling Miller, Kyle Talko, Razvan Vesa, Anna Woods.

Postgraduate Career

Accenture, Apeel Sciences, Boss Laser, Cameron Controls Southeast Inc., Cornelius Corning Cummins Inc., Enercon, R&D North America, GE Appliances, GE Aviation, GE Energy, Gemini Seawater Systems, Henz Engineering, Honda R&D Americas, Inc., Intel Corporation, King of Fans Inc., L3 Harris Technologies, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Jacobs Technology Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas Inc., Molex Electric Solutions, Moses & Associates, Munro & Associates, Nanotherapeutics, Inc, NASA, Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Northrop Grumman Corporation, Parametric Solutions Inc., Samsung, SpaceX, Sun Hydraulics, TP Adiyaman Bolge Mudurlugu Variety Die & Stamping Co., Graduate schools

Visiting Professors and Post-Doctoral Researchers

Prof. Ikko Ihara Kobe University, Japan April 2011-October 2011
Prof. Özlem Salman Süleyman Demirel University, Turkey April 2012-March 2013
Dr. Raul Riveros   August 2012-December 2012

Visiting Students

Masaya Akimoto Osaka Institute of Technology September-November 2016
Shingo Tsujimoto Osaka Institute of Technology October-November 2017
Shuhei Kodama Tohoku University October-December 2017
Jimmy Overmeyer Ohio State University May-August 2018
Sabrina Corbin University of West Florida May-August 2019