Total Publications Summary:

  • 1 monograph ;
  • 14 articles in peer-reviewed international journals;
  • 18 invited lectures, including 1 keynotes lecture, in international conferences

Book Author  

O. Cazacu, B. Revil-Baudard, N. Chandola. Plasticity-Damage Couplings: From Single Crystal to Polycrystalline Materials. Springer, 2018.

Scholarly articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals  

1. O Cazacu, N Chandola, B Revil-Baudard, BH Frodal, T Børvik, OS Hopperstad

Modeling the effect of notch geometry on the deformation of a strongly anisotropic aluminum alloy, European Journal of Mechanics A, 2020,  in-press.

2. N Chandola, O Cazacu, B Revil-Baudard

Prediction of strain distribution and four, six, or eight ears depending on single-crystal orientation using a new single crystal criterion, International Journal of Material Forming, 2019, 12(6), 943-954.

3. DJ. Savage, N. Chandola, O. Cazacu, BA. McWilliams, M. Knezevic

Validation of recent analytical dilatational models for porous polycrystals using crystal plasticity finite element models with Schmid and non-Schmid activation laws, Mechanics of Materials, 2018, 126, 148-162.

4. B. Revil-Baudard, O. Cazacu and N. Chandola

Effect of the yield stresses in uniaxial tension and pure shear on the size of the plastic zone near a crack. International Journal of Plasticity, 102, 2018, 101-117.

5. N. Chandola, O. Cazacu, B. Revil-Baudard

New polycrystalline modeling as applied to textured steel sheets, Mechanics Research Communications, 84, 2017, 98-101.

6. O. Cazacu, N. Chandola, B. Revil-Baudard

Analytical expressions for the yield stress and Lankford coefficients of polycrystalline sheets based on a new single crystal model, International Journal of Material Forming, 2018, 11, 4, 571–581.

7. O. Cazacu, B. Revil-Baudard, N. Chandola

A yield criterion for cubic single crystals, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 2017, 151, 9-19.

8. B. Revil-Baudard, O. Cazacu, P. Flater, N. Chandola, J.L. Alves

Unusual plastic deformation and damage features in titanium: Experimental tests and constitutive modeling, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 88, 2016, 100-122.

9. N. Chandola, R. A. Lebensohn, O. Cazacu , B. Revil-Baudard, R.K. Mishra , F. Barlat

Combined effects of anisotropy and tension-compression asymmetry on the torsional response of AZ31 Mg, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 28, 2015, 190–200.

10. N. Chandola, C.L. Pasiliao, O. Cazacu, B. Revil-Baudard

On modeling the mechanical behavior and texture evolution of rolled AZ31 Mg for complex loadings involving strain path changes, Romanian Journal of Technical Science-Applied Mechanics, 60, 2015, 39-60.

11. N. Chandola, R.A. Mishra, O. Cazacu

Application of the VPSC model to the description of the stress-strain response and texture evolution in AZ31 Mg for various strain paths, Journal of  Engineering Materials Technology, 37, 2015, 041007-10.

12. B. Revil-Baudard, N. Chandola, O. Cazacu

Correlation between Swift effects and tension-compression asymmetry in various polycrystalline materials, Journal of Mechanics and Physics of Solids., 70, 2014, 104-115.

13. O. Cazacu, N. Chandola, J.L. Alves, B. Revil-Baudard

Importance of the consideration of the specificities of local plastic deformation on the response of porous solids with Tresca matrix, European Journal of Mechanics – A/Solids, 47, 2014, 194-205.

14. O. Cazacu, B. Revil-Baudard, N. Chandola, D. Kondo

New analytical criterion for porous solids with Tresca matrix under axisymmetric loadings, International Journal of Solids and Structures, 51, 2014, 861-874.