Congratulations to Dr. Changzhe Jiao, GatorSense’s newest PhD graduate

Congratulations to Dr. Changzhe Jiao for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis yesterday! His dissertation is titled “Target Concept Learning from Ambiguously Labeled Data.” His research focused on developing methods that can learn target concepts, a signature or feature vector that describes and represents a target class of interest, from ambiguously and imprecisely labeled training data. The goal of his work is to optimize target concepts for use in target detection while minimizing the effort needed to precisely label data.

Read about his research:

C. Jiao, B. Su, P. Lyons, A. Zare, K. C. Ho and M. Skubic, “Multiple Instance Dictionary Learning for Beat-to-Beat Heart Rate Monitoring from Ballistocardiograms,” Under Review.

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