Dr. Du Awarded $1.4M by NIST on Augmented Reality (June 2021)

Dr. Du received another award from the NIST public safety innovation accelerator program (PSIAP) program. This is a $1.4 million project that focuses on designing a cognition-driven Augmented Reality (AR) system for the future search and rescue missions, called “SearchAR”. SearchAR builds on the latest discoveries in neural functional analysis, machine learning, and 5G telecommunication networks, to realize context-aware, stable and multiuser AR solutions for emergency search and rescue.

Co-PIs are Dr. Joseph Gabbard from Virginia Tech and Dr. Jason Moats from TEEX. 

Project webpage: https://www.nist.gov/ctl/pscr/funding-opportunities/past-funding-opportunities/psiap-augmented-reality/searchar-user